Basics to Bible Understanding

   The greatest fact that I know is that God has spoken!  Thus making Himself known. There 

    was no reason for Him to do so; He did not have to. No necessity was laid upon Him: He 

    was not compelled to do so. Oh, what grace! 

    All that He has said that He wants us to know is found in His written Word. All that He 

    spoke to His creatures is not recorded, but all that we need to know is. The great problem 

    in understanding what He has said is found in the fact that people attempt to reason from 

    the particular to the general. The foundational principle in the science of logic, which will 

    meet all difficulties, is this: “We cannot reason from the particular to the general.” The 

    violation of this principle of logic is the root cause for men to misunderstand and misapply 

    what God has said.

    Confusion results from looking at particular passages of Scripture and attempting to 

    generalize God’s purpose and plan for all time. His speaking should be looked at from the 

    general and then reasoned to the particular.

     It is by faith in what God has spoken that we understand that the ages were adjusted and 

    administered by Him, so that what is seen by the naked eye is not the result of what 

    appears on the surface and cannot be judged or explained by the outward appearance. 

    In plainer words, “things are not always what they seem to be.”

    He has made known through His Word the things from which history springs in order that 

    we may know some of the things pertaining to the ages and dispensations, as they 

    succeed each other. Thereby, we can learn to understand something of His principles of 

    administration suited for each age and dispensation.


    DIRECTLY HIMSELF - There was a time when He spoke directly to individual men. He 

    spoke directly to individuals, such as Adam, Enoch, Noah, Abraham and Moses. The 

    book of Genesis tells us what He said to individuals as He spoke directly.    


    BY THE PROPHETS - From Exodus thru Malachi up to Matthew 1:1-3:12 we notice what 

    God spoke to the fathers of the Hebrews. However, He spoke to “the fathers” by THE 

    PROPHETS of Israel (Hebrews 1:1). The great fact is that He chose to speak to the 

    ancestors of the Hebrews by the prophets – not by the priest. The prophets spoke to the 

    Hebrews, not to the Gentiles. What God spoke by the prophets, from Moses to John the 

    Baptist, was confined to Israel. Dr. Bullinger well said, “If we read that people and those 

    principles of administration into this dispensation, we are taking what God spake by the 

    prophets to and concerning the fathers and read them as though they were to and about 

    ourselves, the result: CONFUSION.”


    BY HIS SON - After God spoke by the prophets He spoke again, in “these last days”

    (Hebrews 1:2). Not the last days in which we live, but in the days of that dispensation. The 

    speaking BY HIS SON was “unto us” Hebrews, not us Gentiles. The Son’s words were not 

    His words but the Fathers (John 7:16; 8:28; 8:46-47; 12:49; 14:10: 24; 17:8). He only 

    “began (Acts 1:1) this wondrous speaking which ended in His death. What the Son spoke 

    is recorded in the Four Gospels. The Hebrews to whom He spoke rejected the Kingdom 

    and crucified their King.


    BY THEM THAT HEARD HIM- God continued speaking by them that had heard the Son 

    (Hebrews 2:3). The prophets had spoken “unto the fathers.” The Son had spoken “unto 

    us.” They that had heard Him “confirmed” what He had said “unto us,” i.e. to those 

    Hebrews to whom Paul was writing. Those could be none other than the Twelve. The 

    ministry of the Lord was carried on by them after the Ascension. Paul, later in Acts, was 

    one who had heard the Son after the Ascension. The Acts, and the epistles of the Acts 

    period records what God spoke by them that had heard the Son. God speaking by them 

    ended at Acts 28:30.


    BY PAUL THE PRISONER- After Acts God ceased speaking to the Hebrews and even the 

    Gentiles as they were associated with the Hebrews. He then spoke to Gentiles by Paul the 

    prisoner of Jesus Christ. Paul’s imprisonment was for the express purpose of God 

    speaking to Gentiles  apart from Israel. God’s eternal purpose, The Mystery, was revealed 

    to Paul the prisoner and is recorded in the prison epistles. Truth for today is bound up in 

    the testimony of the Lord’s prisoner.


    God speaks to us today, not audibly, but thru a form of sound words which is recorded in 

    Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, Philemon, I and II Timothy and Titus.


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