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July 1, 1948 marked the beginning of the ministry of Truth For Today, Inc. Mr. Oscar M. Baker, the founding editor, had a deep concern for neighbors and friends, having been blessed and encouraged in his studies of the Scriptures by applying the divinely given study principle of “Right Division”, and he desired to share those blessings with others. His method of sharing those blessings would be the little Bible study paper known as Truth For Today, and that is still at the center of the ministry. His first issue was only about 150 copies. He mailed it to all on the township tax rolls.
Today we print over 6,700 copies of each issue of Truth Today, not a large number, but the seed of truth is being widely sown. It is presently being sent to all 50 states and to 61 other nations. Through the paper, and now our web site, we make available the writings of Bible teachers such as Mr. E. W. Bullinger, Mr. Charles H. Welch, Mr. Stuart Allen, and other men of GOD who have lived and labored faithfully, honoring the Lord’s command in II Timothy 2:15 and Philippians 1:10 to “Rightly Divide” the Word of Truth.
After almost four decades of faithful service in the ministry of Truth For Today, Mr. Baker fell asleep in the Lord and it became necessary to move the ministry to its present location in Lafayette, Indiana. The heart of the ministry is still the Bibles, books, and other study aids featured in the paper and on our book list. The loving generosity of the many who share our concern make it possible for us to offer Truth For Today free of charge to anyone, anywhere, upon request. We also do what we can among the needy to assist the serious student and teacher with books and Bibles featured on our book list.
Through our web site we are now able to offer new ways to expand our small ministry by offering different articles, book reviews, and our current book list. The editor of Truth for Today is Robert Guenther. If you like the articles and book reviews and would like a copy of Truth For Today, or you would like to have your name added to our mailing list, you can contact us at the address below or by e-mail. Remember,Truth For Today is mailed out bi-monthly to anyone, anywhere upon request free of charge. Please write or e-mail us with any questions, concerns, or comments you may have.

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OB1 60 A study in 1 Corinthians 12
OB2 60 The plan and purpose of the ages
OB3 60 The place of John’s Gospel to-day 1
OB4 58 The place of John’s Gospel to-day 2
OB5 60 Reading of “United yet divided” with comments 1
OB6 62 Reading of “United yet Divided” with comments 2
OB7 60 Reading of “Far Above All” with comments 1
OB8 60 Reading of “Far Above All” with comments 2
OB9 45 Preview of Job
OB10 50 Bible enigmas
OB11 90 Truth For Today’s 10th Anniversary
OB12 80 Truth For Today’s 10th Anniversary
OB13 50 Introduction to Matthew 1
OB14 60 Introduction to Matthew 2
OB15 60 Truth For Today’s 16th Anniversary
OB16 56 Truth For Today’s 16th Anniversary
OB17 54 Mystery of Godliness
OB18 40 Three Tabernacles
OB19 115 Gospel of John
OB20 111 Gospel of John 9-16
OB21 113 Gospel of John 17-24
OB22 111 Gospel of John 25-32
OB23 111 Gospel of John 33-40
OB24 112 Gospel of John 41-48
OB32 115 Ephesians 1-8
OB33 117 Ephesians 9-16
OB34 116 Ephesians 17-24
OB35 107 Ephesians 25-32
OB36 107 Ephesians 33-40
OB37 107 Ephesians 41-48
OB38 108 Ephesians 49-56
OB39 115 Ephesians 57-64
OB40 110 Ephesians 65-72
OB58 120 Radio Expositions 1-8
OB59 110 Radio Expositions 9-16
OB60 121 Radio Expositions 17-24
OB61 121 Radio Expositions 25-32
OB62 120 Radio Expositions 33-40
OB63 120 Radio Expositions 41-48
OB64 120 Radio Expositions 49-56
OB65 121 Radio Expositions 57-64
OB66 117 Radio Expositions 65-72
OB67 86 Kosmos and Glory – 1
OB68 89 Kosmos and Glory – 2
OB69 50 Kosmos and Glory – 3
OB70 61 Kosmos and Glory – 4
OB71 37 Truth For Today 25th Anniversary – part 1
OB72 58 Truth For Today 25th Anniversary – part 2
OB73 41 Truth For Today 25th Anniversary – part 3
OB74 50 Truth For Today 25th Anniversary – part 4

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