What’s New

11/02/2017 – On the Spanish page, under number 65, the
Hope of Paul’s Acts Epistles has been translated to Spanish.

10/27/2017 – Great News! Juan Luis Molina from Portugal
is now beginning to convert some of the Spanish studies to
the MP3 recording format. Look for the word ‘Grabación’ next
to the studies that are recorded.

10/23/2017 – Thanks to brother Juan Luis Molina from Portugal
who translated two new studies into Spanish, no. 63 and 64
on the Spanish page, titled Far Above All and One Hope.

9/25/2017 – On the Spanish page, This Prophecy (Revelation) no. 62 by Charles Welch was translated by Juan Luis Molina of Portugal.

6/26/2017 – Great News! Many of Wayne Stewart’s video
recordings are now included on a 64 gig thumb drive that
can be purchased through the website at cost.

6/9/2017 – On the Spanish page, two studies were translated
by Juan Luis Molina of Portugal. They are The Gates of Hell
and The Invisible Hell, Part 1 and 2.

Looking to meet those who follow the teachings from this
website? Then don’t miss the 57th annual Truth For Today
conference that will be held in West Union, S.C. June 2, 3,
and 4th, 2017. Please see this page for more information
and a schedule of teachings.  All meals will be provided.

4/22/2017 – On the Spanish page, two studies have been added:
1. The Prize of the High Calling, translated by Juan Luis Molina of
2. The Book of Job, translated by Helena Aillón from Chile.
Praise God for their work and love for the Word rightly divided.

02/22/2017 – Charleswelch.net web site re-created in WordPress.

01/04/2017 – Monthly meetings begin in early February
for the Acts 28 fellowship in the NW Orlando area. Please
contact Deb for more information.

01/02/2017 – On the Spanish page, a new study has been
translated, The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit by Stuart Allen.

12/16/2016 – On the Spanish page, 2 new studies have been
translated, Sanctification, and God is a Mathematician.  Also
Juan translated the home page into Spanish and it was placed
on the Spanish page.

12/05/16 – On the Spanish page,  4 new studies (44-47) have
been translated into Spanish by Juan Luis Molina from Portugal.
They are: The Times of the Signs; Death Mourning, and Sorrow;
One Body, One New Man; and The Key that Fits.

11/30/2016 – Better Spanish translations of  Death, No
Gateway to Heaven and Why Berean? has been added to
the Spanish page. Also added is a new study translated to
Spanish, “Election” (no.43)

11/28/2016 – Two new studies in Spanish have been added to
the Spanish page, numbers 41 and 42, titled,  Salvation,  and The
Second Coming Versus the Appearing.  Also, The Christian’s
Greatest Need (number 2) has been translated to a better version.

11/16/2016 – The Apostle of the Reconciliation by Charles Welch
has been translated into Spanish.  There will be many more
translations to come thanks to brother Juan Luis Molina and His
friends from Portugal, Spain, and South America.  For the past 2-3
years he has freely translated over 20 of the titles on the Spanish
, numbers 21 and onwards.   No doubt  the Lord is moving
mightily in South America where many are understanding more
about the Word rightly divided. Please let your Spanish speaking
friends know about these valuable Bible study resources.


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