1.    Charles (sister site)
2.    Truth For Today Ministry  – This site sells publications.
3.    Berean Truth
4.    Berean Bible Studies
5.    The Berean Publishing Trust
6.    Bible Explorations Online – Download past issues from this
       excellent Bible study paper.
7.    This web site, from the Netherlands, has all of the appendixes of the
       Companion Bible.
8.    Spiritual Blessings
10.  The Open Bible Trust  This site sells publications
11.  In Heavenly Places
12.  Russian Acts 28 site
13. Dr. Wayne Stewart’s Videos)
14. Right Word Truth

Publications by Postal Mail

Most all of these publications are free, but a donation to help cover costs would
be welcome. Simply write to them to be added to their mailing list.

USA Publications

Truth For Today Inc.
P.O. Box 6358
Lafayette, IN 47903
Truth For Today Ministry

Bible Explorations
P.O Box 26608
Phoenix, AZ 85068-6608
Bible Explorations Online

Grace Publications
P.O. Box 2118
Waukesha, WI 53187-2118

To Make All Men See
843 Oakwood Dr.
Columbus, GA. 31904

The Workman
HC-70, Box N-52
Neola, WV, 24986

Other Countries

Spiritual Blessings Magazine (Australia)
Box 3141
Glendale NSW 2284
Spiritual Blessings

The Berean Publishing Trust
4 Orchard Avenue
London N20 OJA
(Publishes ‘The Berean Expositor’)
The Berean Publishing Trust

Open Bible Trust
Bethany, Tresta
Shetland, ZE2  9LT
(Publishes ‘Search’)
The Open Bible Trust

Suggestions for New Believers

Salvation Security

For those unsure of their salvation, please listen to the following
audios by Stuart Allen:

1.The love of God in Christ Jesus 
2. The grace in Christ Jesus,  
3. A promise of life in Christ Jesus
4. The eternal security of the believer


 Written Studies

1. Understanding right division. Read the
    first 6 studies under Bible StudiesTracts

2. Basics to Bible Understanding

 3. An Important Bible Study Rule:
    To whom is the passage written?
    Read: The Address on the Envelope

 4. Dispensational and Foundational

Audios and/or Charts

Listen to W316-W318 here:
 W316 Try the things that differ
 W317 Right Division
 W318 Dispensational Truth
Bible Basics Chart
Audio: Comparing Doctrinal and Dispensational Truth
Audio: Is this letter for you?: B09
Audio: The Purpose of the Ages:
,   A118,   A119, The Kingdom of God Series –
audios A224-A245 found here.
Serious Bible Student Resources –  Download free Bible study software with no
strings attached. Bibles, lexicons, concordances, everything
the Bible student needs to study God’s Word.  Consider a donation
when you download.

2. The Companion Bible is worth its weight in gold. Purchase
through or through Amazon and other vendors
through the Internet.

See also Bible StudiesBooks-Booklets-Leaflets

Misc.Studies From the Web
1. The Master MathemeticianSee also “Number in Scripture” in Bible Studies Books – Booklets – Leaflets, Number 72
2. Heaven of Heavens


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