Questions About Death

1) What is man? Gen. 2:7

2) Can a soul die? Ezek 18:4, Rev.16:3, Josh.11:11

3) What is death? Gen 3:19

4) Can a dead person know anything? Eccl.9:5

5) Are there any functions of life after death? Eccl. 9:10

6) Is there any difference between the death of a man and the death of a beast? Eccl.3:19-20

7) Where does a man go when he dies? Eccl. 12:7

8) What hope does a man have that a beast does not? Ps. 17:15

9) When will all the nations be resurrected who are outside of special promises? Job 14:12

10) What is the condition of all the dead? Job 14:12, 7:21

11) How will they be awakened? Job 14:15

12) When will the nation of Israel be raised? John 6:39,40,44,54.

13) Did the apostle have any hope of ever going to heaven? John 13:33

14) Did David ever go to heaven? Acts 2:29,34

15) Will the apostles thrones of glory be in heaven or on the earth? Matt 24:30,25:31,19:28

16) Has any man gone to heaven? John 3:13

17) Does man have immortality? 1 Tim.6:15,16

18) When will the Church of God during the Acts be raised? 1 Cor. 15:52, Rev 11:15

19) When Paul belonged to this church of God, what was His hope? 1 Thess 4:17

20) When Paul later becomes a member of the body, what then was his hope? Phil. 3:11

21) Who are to be cast into the lake of fire? Rev. 20:15

22) What awful thing did they do? Rev 13:4-8

23) What should be the hope of every member of the body today? Col. 3:4

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