Reading the Bible Yourself – Part 12


Some Useful Books

Below are some books which will be found to be helpful when studying the Bible. As far as is humanly possible, they do not seek to interpret the Bible. Instead they are designed to help the Bible student by providing facts rather than opinions.

Concordance: This book can be used to find all the occurrences of a particular word in the Bible. For example, you could use the concordance to find every occurrence of the word “love”.

Encyclopaedia: A Bible encyclopaedia contains information about the people, customs, lifestyle, geography, etc. in the Bible.

Lexicon (or Book of Word Studies): A word study book is a lot like a dictionary – it gives you the meaning of a word. However, this book gives you the meaning of the original Greek or Hebrew words from which our English Bibles were translated.

( is our recommendation for free online Bible software that contains all of the above)


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