The Lord Jesus Christ – Part 3


We see His humiliation, sufferings and death (Ps.22). His
Resurrection (Ps. 16). His anointing as Prophet with grace-filled
lips (Ps. 45 Luke 4: 22); as Priest after the order of
Melchisedec (Ps. 110,  Heb. 5: 6,  6: 20,  7: 17, 21); as King
enthroned over all (Ps. 2), and His kingdom established in the
earth (Ps. 103, 145, etc…).


Reveals Christ as the “Wisdom of God” (Prov. 8,  ICor. 1: 24);
the “Path” and “Light” of His People (ch. iv. 18); the “Surety”
who smarted for His people while strangers (Prov. 11: 15,
Rom. 5: 8-10. Eph. 2:1,  I Pet. 2:11); the “strong tower” into
which the righteous run and are safe (Prov. 18:10); the friend
who loveth at all times, and the brother born for adversity.
(Prov: 17:17)


Tells of the “one among a thousand” in the midst
of all that is vanity and vexation of spirit (Eccl. 8:28).


Reveals Him as the true and faithful Shepherd, Lover, and
Bridegroom of the Bride, who remained constant to Him in
spite of all the royal grandeur and coarser blandishments of


Is full of the sufferings and glories of Christ. He is the “despised
and rejected of men, a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief ”
(Is. 53:5); wounded for our transgressions, oppressed, afflicted,
and brought as a lamb to the slaughter; cut off out of the land of
the living (Is. 53:2-9). Yet the glory shall follow. ” He shall see of
the travail of His soul and be satisfied ” (Is. 53:2). He will be His
people‘s ” Light ” (Is. 60:1,2. Matt. 4:16); “The Mighty God”
(Is. 9: 6. Matt. 28:18); Salvation’s Well (Is. 12:3); the King
who shall “reign in righteousness” (Is. 32: 1, 2); Jehovah’s
Branch, beautiful and glorious (Is. 4:2).


Tells of “the Righteous Branch,” and “Jehovah our Righteousness
(Jer. 23: 5, 6); of the ” Righteous Branch” and King who shall
reign and prosper (Is. 33:15).


Reveals Him as the true Shepherd (Ez. 34:23), and as “the Prince”
(Ez. 37:25); the “Plant of Renown” (Ez. 34:29), and “Jehovah
Shammah” (Ez. 48:35).


Reveals Him as the “Stone” become the Head of the corner
(Dan. 2:34, Ps. 118:22,  Isa. 8:14, 28:16. Matt. 21: 42, 44. Acts 4:11,
I Pet. 2. 4, 6). Also as the Son of Man (Dan. 7: 13, 16); and “Messiah
the Prince” (Dan. 9: 24).

He is HOSEA’S ” Rain ” (Dan. 6:8, 14: 5)

JOEL’S “God dwelling in Zion” (Dan. 3:17)

AMOS’S  Raiser of David’s Tabernacle (Dan. 9:2, Acts 15:16,17);


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