The Lord Jesus Christ – Part 4

OBADIAH’S  “Deliverer on Mount Zion” (Ob. 17)

JONAH’S “Salvation” (Jon. 2:9); the “Sign” of Christ’s resurrection
(Matt. 12:39-41);
MICAH’S “Breaker,” “King” and “Lord” (Mic. 2:13, 2);
NAHUM’S “Stronghold in Trouble” (Nah: 1:7);

HABAKKUK’S “Joy” and “Confidence” (ch. iii. 17,18);
ZEPHANIAH’S “Mighty God in the midst of Zion” (Zeph. 3:17);
HAGGAI’S “Desire of all nations” (Hag. 2:7)

ZECHARIAH’S Smitten Shepherd; The Man, Jehovah’s Fellow
(Zech: 8:7); Jehovah’s “Servant—the Branch” (Zech. 3: 8); ” the
Man whose name is the Branch ” (Zech. 6:12);
MALACHI’S “Messenger of the Covenant “(Mal. 3:1); the Refiner
of the Sons of Levi (Mal.  3:3); “The Sun of Righteousness
(Mal. 4:2).

Thus, the “Word” of God has one great subject. That one great all-pervading subject is Christ; and all else stands in relation to Him.

From the book Number In Scripture – by Dr. E. W. Bullinger


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